Rural Employment & Education Service

The REES is free, voluntary and confidential.

The Rural Employment & Education Service (R.E.E.S) is a dedicated employment support service operated by West Limerick Resources. It works with individuals and groups who, for various reasons, are finding it difficult to access employment. Since its foundation in August 2004, the service has worked with hundreds of people who were seeking change in their lives through employment and helped them to identify and address the barriers and challenges that they have faced.

The Rural Employment Service (R.E.E.S) provides assistance to individuals to enter or re-enter employment including:

  • The long-term unemployed
  • Under Skilled People
  • Those experiencing social barriers to employment

This service is operated under Goal 3 of the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme which aims to increase the work readiness to people to enter the labour market.

For more information contact

Finn Fitzgerald (Rural Employment Service Advocate): Phone: 069 61316 or email

Brenda Heath (Enterprise Officer): Phone: 069 66297 or email

Adrienne O’Connell (Education & Training Coordinator): Phone: 069 79110 or email

Lynne Finney (Youth Employment Service Advocate): Phone 069 61316 or email

Dee Collins (Education and Employment Resource Worker): Phone 069 62222 or email

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